What is the Value of Your Home?

What is the Value of Your Home?

You don’t have to ask permission to paint walls, install tubs or even put a pool in when you own your home, the only person you answer to is yourself! Your home is also a big part of your personal investment and over time it should theoretically increase in value. There are multiple reasons to keep an eye on the value of your home one being taxes, of course. Keeping an eye on the market value and property tax assessment value is important so that you’re not paying tax on an artificially inflated property value by mistake, or vice versa. If you plan to sell you’re going to want to know so you can sell while the market is booming. Tracking your homes values can be easy, here are a few websites that can get it done for you.

Websites to Help Your Search

1. Zillow
I think we all have heard of Zillow by now, homeowner or not. Just by entering your home’s value into the website’s friendly interface, you’ll get a Zestimate – a Zillow-created estimate of your home’s value. Beyond finding out how much your home might be worth, you can also shop for homes in your area with the website’s consumer-friendly tools.

2. Trulia
Similar to Zillow you can enter your address and learn how much your home might be worth. Instead of offering a Zestimate, however, Trulia offers the average listing price for similar homes in your area.

3. Redfin
With Redfin, you can enter a handful of details about any property and learn about the local neighborhood, the “walkability” of a property, and how much property taxes cost each year.

4. Relator.com
Believe It or not, realtor.com is not just for real-estate agents this website is free for anyone to use. Just enter your address into the site’s homepage and you’ll learn an array of details including a price estimate of your home.

5. ForSaleByOwner.com
Originally created to help home sellers, sell their home ( obviously ) it offers several tools any homeowner can benefit from as well. Once you sign up, you’ll get an estimated market value of your home based on recently sold comparable properties in your area and a summary of local real estate characteristics.

You cant always take the estimates you get from these websites too seriously they cant tell you the exact value of your home and meeting with 2-3 realtors could benefit you as they have insight into your local market.