How Corporate America is Adjusting to the #MeToo Movement

How Corporate America is Adjusting to the #MeToo Movement

Women have spoken up, men have lost their jobs, and corporate America is nervous. We see it on the news all the time but is the workplace making real progress in getting sexual harassment under control?

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The Harvey Weinstein allegations led to a tremendous amount of past secrets being exposed and women coming forward to talk about their personal experience with workplace sexual harassment, now our focus is on the future. The government is stepping up, and in Washington, the House of Representatives are preparing to train every worker even the interns and state legislators are proposing new laws. The corporate board has also begun probing for problems, so they are not surprised. Apps and programs have even been developed to help victims discover if their harassers have targeted others. There has been a demand for more women in leadership roles as industries are demanding fundamental shifts.

The #MeToo Movement shifted social attitudes and inspired a call for change across the country and caused men to be held accountable. However, the legal, institutional failures to address it show how tough it Is going to be to extinguish this. Even after all the headlines, tv specials live court cases, many women say there has not been any change in their workplace.

On the other hand, some Major Corporations are now fear-driven, harassment is now considered not just legal liability but a serious business risk a terrible for the reputation of the company. A lot of executives are looking at sexual harassment how they look at other risks, like security or hacking.

It’s impossible to know for sure how many workplaces are actually doing something to shift the culture for women and many do not want to talk about it publicly for fear that the past might come out. The ultimate solution is making sure women are awarded higher positions in companies, this may not fix all the problems, but at least we can count on an ally to do something when the question arises.