Highlights from the Media Relations Luncheon

Highlights from the Media Relations Luncheon

On Saturday, October 20th, Mamizi hosted its first media relations luncheon. This event attracted a variety of women – from journalism students to established executives. 

The beautiful women in attendance were eager to network with each other, sharing stories of both successes and missed opportunities. Panelists and attendees were able to interact in an intimate space that encouraged questions and promoted both personal and professional growth. However, the highlight of the luncheon was a panel discussion between industry professionals who were selected because of their commitment to creating and maintain a platform for women to excel in media relations and related fields.

 Angela Yee, co-host of the nationally broadcasted radio show The Breakfast Club, shared the story of how she managed to foster key relationships that would give her the opportunities needed to propel her broadcast journalism career. Her experiences of being a woman in a male-dominated industry were not unheard of, but her undefeated spirit touched everyone in attendance. 

In addition to work ethic, Morgan Fogarty, a long-time journalist and news anchor, shared the challenges of upholding the credibility of journalists in today’s climate. Fogarty spoke honestly and passionately about the peaks and pitfalls of diversity in the industry, and what she has done to improve her workplace. Her genuine desire to cause real change was widely appreciated and provided a glimmer of hope that could not be tarnished by the negative news cycle that surrounds us. 

A relatively new addition to the world of media relations world, social media influencers are creating an entirely new way to share sponsored messages. Majesty Acheampong is a very successful blogger and influencer who was eager to share her advice with young influencers in the audience. She spoke openly of the challenges she faces as an influencer, including staying truthful in an industry that is often oversaturated with posts and messages that are not completely true. It’s rare that people with such a great influence are one-hundred-percent transparent, but Acheampong had no qualms about sharing her truth. 

The insight that LaToya Evans provided was the intersection of all the different media relations careers. As a publicist, Evans works with corporations, influencers, and journalists to create a cohesive message across all channels. Her tedious work within all of these mediums often goes unnoticed, which is her goal – to make everything look effortless. Evans’s was keen to speak on visualizing the life you want for yourself and the importance of self-care, something many of us often overlook. 

Creating a blueprint for success requires a supportive community, one that Mamizi aims to cultivate within each event. Mamizi would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, you are what made it a success! For more information on upcoming Mamizi experiences, please visit our Events Calendar.