Greek letters ‘will never be used again’ to name hurricanes

Greek letters ‘will never be used again’ to name hurricanes

An El Salvadorian rescue team member navigates through a flooded street. Hurricane Iota hit the Nicaraguan coast on November 16th as a Category 4 storm. It was the second Category 4 to make landfall in Nicaragua within two weeks and again brought catastrophic rainfall into Honduras after Hurricane Eta. | Photo by Seth Sidney Berry / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Greek letters will no longer be used to name tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, the World Meteorological Association (WMO) announced today. “The Greek alphabet will never be used again as it was distracting and confusing,” the WMO tweeted.

The WMO also retired the names of three especially devastating hurricanes from the 2020 season: Laura, Eta, and Iota. The name Dorian, from the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, was retired as well. The decision was made this week during a meeting of the WMO’s Hurricane Committee. They meet every year to determine which storms caused so much damage and death during the last hurricane season that they should be removed from rotating lists of storm names. 2019 names were also discussed this year because…

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