Great Startup Ideas That Target Women With Children

Great Startup Ideas That Target Women With Children

To create a successful business, the product or service you offer the must be able to address a problem that others experience. Despite the infinite amount of various products and services across different industry domains, there are still a number of  needs faced by women that haven’t been addressed. This untapped market untapped is a great opportunity for women to use their entrepreneurial skills to help other women.

Health and Fitness

Most women aged between 14 and 40 report that they want to be more active, as reported by the “This Girl Can” campaign run by Sports England. This organization has also discovered that many women fear being judged while they are exercising, which prevents these women from joining a gym or attending group exercise classes. Women are also found to sometimes have trouble assessing their fitness needs, which includes finding the right kind of exercising equipment and professional coaching. Designing a program built on the inclusion of women in fitness environments is sure to improve many women’s lives.

Work-Life Management

If a woman chooses to have a family, creating a balance between work and life responsibilities can pose a problem. Inventing a service that helps women track work duties, delegating chores, or planning family activities could help tremendously. Also, a business to help manage money, such as analyzing the home’s budget, paying the suppliers and service providers, and one-click grocery orders would prevent the back-and-forth of running errands. Such an service can help centralize all the home management tasks on a single platform, and provide you with an additional revenue stream from partners, subscriptions, and affiliates.

Personal Business Coach

According to Harvard Business School, one of the most difficult aspects for women in business is negotiation. Encouraging women to take pride in their work and know their value as an employee is not an easy process. However, women have been found to do a great job in negotiating for a community rather than negotiating for themselves. Women need to be coached on how to negotiate for themselves. Offering a career counseling service, whether in person or digitally, would help women cultivate successful leadership qualities. Negotiation coaching exclusively designed for women is a great business opportunity. Some consulting, banking, and business schools do offer such programs, which are all supported by generous sponsors. However, there has always been a lack of concrete coaching for women which can help create a bigger impact at the workplace.

Practical Childcare

Childcare, in all forms, is often rather expensive. On top of price, finding reliable care providers can be more difficult than it seems. Although there are already some popular services that parents use to compare the quality and prices of multiple childcare providers, there is still room in the industry for a new-and-improved service to enter the market. Without reliable childcare, women are less likely to go out and treat themselves to alone time, or time with friends and family. Usually, family members and neighbors are used as babysitters; this reduces the parent’s worry, and also provides the child with a familiar face and environment. Creating a platform that can connect families in the neighborhood in a way they can babysit for each other’s kids can be a great idea. Those who wish to go out can plan to arrange to babysit by some other household in the neighborhood which can manage them during the given time. 

Car Service for Busy Kids

Many of today’s kids have busy schedules that rival their parents’. Transporting children, especially with different ages and interests, from one activity to another can be draining. This back-and-forth wastes valuable time and money. Popular rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the way that adults commute, but parents may not feel comfortable placing their children in the hands of an unknown driver. If there were a service similar to these, but dedicated to transporting busy kids, it would help alleviate the stress of following conflicting schedules. An platform that can bring the communities of parents in touch with each other to let them verify drivers and carpool to activities would drastically change the industry.