Great apes receive COVID-19 vaccine at San Diego Zoo

Great apes receive COVID-19 vaccine at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo. | Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Several great apes at the San Diego Zoo received two doses each of a COVID-19 vaccine in February, National Geographic reports. The lucky recipients are four orangutans and five bonobos, who were distracted with treats as they got their shots. One of the orangutans is Karen, the first ape to undergo open-heart surgery in 1994.

Ape vaccination is a welcome development at the San Diego Zoo, where a troop of eight gorillas tested positive for COVID-19 in January. The sick gorillas were symptomatic but have now recovered, according to the zoo. They’ll likely join their orangutan and bonobo compatriots in vaccination later in the spring.

The vaccine the apes received is not one of the vaccines that have been authorized for humans. It was…

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