GM, Cruise suing to stop Ford from using the name ‘BlueCruise’

GM, Cruise suing to stop Ford from using the name ‘BlueCruise’

GM is suing Ford over the BlueCruise name for its hands-free driving system | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

General Motors has filed a lawsuit to try to prevent Ford from using the name “BlueCruise” for the hands-free driving feature it announced earlier this year. First reported by the Detroit Free Press, GM claims the name is too close Super Cruise, the name of is own hands-free driving technology introduced in 2017, and to its autonomous vehicle subsidiary Cruise. GM is suing Ford for trademark infringement and unspecified damages.

In the lawsuit filed Friday, GM said in that the companies had been involved in “protracted discussions” over the name but were unable to resolve the matter. “Ford knew exactly what it was doing,” GM alleges in its complaint, adding that if Ford “wanted to adopt a new, unique brand, it easily could have done so…

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