Four New-Age Technology Jobs

Four New-Age Technology Jobs

Every aspect of the world around us is constantly evolving, and the employment market is not an exception. Some of the careers that today’s working women have did not exist a mere twenty years ago.  With the advances occurring in the technology field, even more, new jobs are being created. This is an exciting time for young female professionals in the STEM field, who may be looking to find their niche in an ever-growing market. In recent years, a few new careers have become quite popular and are great options for young women. Here are four high-tech jobs designed for young professionals:


  1. Genetic Counselor

There have been great medical advancements made regarding the abnormalities that cause genetic disorders.Genetic counselors are responsible for assessing patients’ risk of developing genetic disorders, and how those disorders may affect one’s quality of life. In recent years, this practice has extended to unborn children to determine the likelihood of the child inheriting a parent’s disorder. After performing a series of tests, genetic counselors provide personalized healthcare plans to best support the patient. Genetic counselors act as not only medical professionals but also caring individuals who help patients through their diagnoses.


  1. Virtual Teacher

Virtual learning has skyrocketed in popularity due to the flexibility and convenience it offers students. With the increase in demand for classes of all kinds to be taught online, there is also a demand for qualified teachers willing to facilitate these courses. Virtual teachers must not only have all of the skills that traditional teachers have, they must also have ample tech skills to support their students. Online courses are offered through many different providers, and often in session for a semester-long period. Teaching virtual courses affords the instructor the opportunity to earn additional income, or create a full career while helping others further their education.


  1. 3-D Printing Clothing Designer

This career combines art with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Clothing designers who use 3-D printing to produce their designs must have an understanding of both design principles and basic programming techniques. Brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Adidas have joined in on this trend, as well as couture fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. As a clothing designer who uses 3-D printing, one would have the opportunity to get a foothold in a market that is revolutionizing the manufacturing process. 3-D programming is becoming increasingly more accessible and utilizes skills that are transferable across many industries.


  1. Robotic Engineer

As the use of robotic automation in science and technology grows, the amount of qualified individuals needed to design these machines grows as well. Since the number of women employed in the science and technology field is lower than the number of men, there are many efforts being made to fill these new positions with female engineers. There is a high level of job security in robotic engineering due to the rapid growth of this field, and the average salary is around $80,000 a year.  Robotic engineers perform a wide range of jobs such as designing, manufacturing, and/or programming robots to perform tasks too dangerous or complex for humans to complete. In addition to this, robotics engineers may use their skills to design robots for entertainment, such as in amusement parks or to compete in competitions.