Four Manufacturing Jobs That Are More Than An Assembly Line

Four Manufacturing Jobs That Are More Than An Assembly Line

Think of manufacturing jobs and what most people envision is rows of people lined up on assembly lines engaged in repeated and monotonous tasks throughout the day. Quite contrary to this kind of imagination, manufacturing jobs have significantly evolved these days. They are no more strenuous, boring, monotonous and unsafe. Technology has revolutionized anything, and everything around us and manufacturing is not an exception.

Today’s manufacturing processes are highly sophisticated and automated due to the advent of advanced machinery. Manufacturing technology has become superior, and so have the processes involved in the production of goods. The application of robotics in manufacturing has further eased the industrial operations to a great extent. As a result, the amazing technological progress in the manufacturing sector has facilitated roles that are far beyond just assembly line jobs that most people are familiar with. Here is an overview of the top characteristics of modern-day manufacturing jobs that might surprise you and interest you.
Creative and safe work environments

The robust developments in technology have made working environments more reliable and more creative. Several innovations like the introduction of robots augmented reality, and drones have enhanced the safety across the manufacturing industry and also help meet the safety and health standards meant to improve the environment for the workforce. Today’s machinery can support innovation. Amazing technological inventions like handheld devices, integrated sensors, 3D printers, wearable equipment and a line of many others have helped infuse a lot of creativity into what companies can produce. Also, the production processes have become much quicker than the earlier days. Hence we find today’s manufacturing environment stimulating and exciting. Furthermore, these technologies are continuously improving, and new ones are entering the industry.

Lucrative salaries
Most people have a notion that manufacturing jobs do not fetch competitive salaries. Contrary to this belief, wages in the manufacturing sector have increased over the years and today’s workers in the manufacturing sector have also access to comprehensive benefits like medical insurance and retirement accounts sponsored by the employers. Progressing in a career with manufacturing jobs will mean you will enter into high paying roles like supervisors and operation managers.

Interesting opportunities
No doubt the assembly line roles still do exist in the manufacturing sector. However, there is much more to expect from the manufacturing industry. The most common ones are quality control roles and monitoring production and detecting defects and other issues in the production processes and goods. Engineers in the manufacturing companies are involved in tasks like adjusting and maintaining machinery and equipment and also creating new solutions and devices for addressing specific challenges and issues.

Beyond the production floor, manufacturing companies also need professionals to manage human resources, finances, marketing, customer support, and sales. Also, managers and trainers are some familiar roles that are also part of manufacturing companies. Every manufacturing company will need people to supervise operations and workforce and coordinate with different teams. They are also seen involved in training a portfolio of employee groups.

Looking from different angles, we find today’s manufacturing industry providing exciting career and earning opportunities for job seekers. Hence the manufacturing sector of today is one of the best avenues for professionals interested in career building. Here are some highly exciting opportunities in the manufacturing industry that can interest you.

Food production and processing
In an average, every individual in the U.S gulps in 1,996.3 pounds of foods in a typical year. For the sake of satisfying this much appetite, the food production and processing industry have to produce enough food. Industrial food production helps bridge the gap between the farms and kitchen tables. Some big players in the food production industry are Hormel, Kellogg’s, Kraft and General Mills. Some of the opportunities you will find in the food production industry are those of Food Preparation, packaging, assembly, machine operations, quality control, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring compliance, maintenance, meat packing, shipping and receiving goods.

Manufacturing in the printing domain refers to all those processes from books to clothing. Some large companies we find in the printing industry today are Royal Apparel, Deluxe Corp and RR Donnelley. The different kinds of job roles in the printing industry that are popular today are binding, jogging, kitting, fulfillment, quality control, shipping and receiving and 3D printers.

Manufacturing of medical equipment
Today, the medical technology has phenomenally advanced. Pharmaceutical manufacturers of today produce sophisticated equipment like pacemakers, heart valves, and cochlear implants. This industry segment is involved in building lifesaving tools. The rapid innovation in this industry sector will promise a proliferation of newer opportunities for job seekers in their manufacturing facilities. Some notable players in the medical devices manufacturing industry are Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens AG. The types of manufacturing jobs you can think of in the medical equipment manufacturing are an assembly of devices, reprocessing devices, clean room, Good Documentation Practices (GDP) Compliance, quality control, shipping and receiving.

Engineering and mechanical manufacturing
Right from automotive parts to generators for the data centers and military defense systems, we find engineering and mechanical manufacturing companies produce critical components for a variety of industrial operations and processes. In many cases, engineering and mechanical manufacturing jobs are closely linked to the transportation industry with some big names like Ford, Boeing and Lockheed Martin providing a lead. The different kinds of engineering and mechanical manufacturing jobs you can visualize today are in the lines of machine operations, designing, assembly, welding, shipping and receiving, tenders, inventory management, quality control, engineering, maintenance, and many others.