Fitbit’s next fitness tracker looks fancy

Fitbit’s next fitness tracker looks fancy

Image of the upcoming Fitbit Luxe showing three colors: gold, black, and silver. | Image: WinFuture

Fitbit may be ready to launch a new fitness tracker soon, if images published by WinFuture are to be believed. The new tracker is apparently named Luxe and features a more fashion-centric design than Fitbit’s existing Inspire 2. It’s not clear when the Luxe will be released or how much it will cost, but I would not be surprised if it has a higher price tag than the $100 Inspire 2.

The big upgrade for the Luxe is a new stainless steel body, which will be available in silver, gold, or black finishes. It also has a color OLED touchscreen, though WinFuture didn’t provide specs or detailed information about it. Both the stainless steel body and the color screen are upgrades over the plastic and monochrome options on the Inspire 2.

The Luxe is…

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