Fiat made a ‘Hey Google’ car

Fiat made a ‘Hey Google’ car

The ‘Hey, Google’ logo appears above the front wheel arches of the new Fiat 500 vehicles | Image: Google / Fiat

As vehicles are increasingly defined by their digital features, tech companies are seeking out ever-closer partnerships with carmakers. A new collaboration between Google and Fiat, though, is the most extreme we’ve seen yet.

Three new special edition Fiat 500s — the Fiat 500, 500X crossover, and 500L MPV — have been branded with Google livery that extends from using the tech giant’s corporate colors in the cars’ seat upholstery to placing “Hey Google” badges above their front wheel arches. Having this sort of branding inside a car is not unusual, but this is the first time we’ve seen a tech company’s logo appear on a vehicle’s exterior.

A press release from the Italian automaker (translated by Google, of course) boasts that the vehicles…

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