FDA has rejected nearly one million flavored e-cigarettes

FDA has rejected nearly one million flavored e-cigarettes

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

After a year-long review of millions of e-cigaretterelated products, the Food and Drug Administration says it has rejected 946,000 flavored products, prohibiting them from being marketed or sold. It also said that the applications for 4.5 million products were missing materials that the agency required to make a decision. All of those products must also be removed from the market.

The FDA said in a statement Thursday that it has reviewed 93 percent of the applications submitted, which included 6.5 million products.

It will continue to review the remaining 7 percent of products. Notably, that group includes e-cigarettes made by Juul, a market leader and the company that drew federal attention for its product’s popularity among kids and…

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