Environmental issues that should make you worry

Environmental issues that should make you worry

Our environment has drastically changed for bad over the past few decades with far-reaching and deadly consequences on several matters of the earth and its life. The major contributor to all these devastating changes is human actions on the blue planet. To avert some of the gravest dangers due to these changes, the human race must do something. First, let us get to understand a few environmental issues that are worrying.

Land management and urbanization

The rapid rate of urbanization is becoming somewhat uncontrolled today. This is one of the problems due to modernization that threatens the environment. Today we find it extremely difficult and challenging to move to a new location. With the fast completion of construction projects, it is hard to find undeveloped land. The concrete cover happening on the landscape impacts the natural water cycle and the rainwater soaking into the ground is becoming minimal. This can lead to the depletion of underground water sources as well as floods during rains. More houses will mean more pollution, and in countries like China, people have started wearing face mask every time they go out from homes even for little things.

Waste clearance

It is not a tough job to discard something in the dust bin. Think of the local landfills and their nasty smells that ruin the quality of our life. Studies show every human produces about 4.6 pounds of trash per day. This massive trash disposal reaches the environmental habitats and oceans. Waste disposal is a severe threat to humans and the environment. The debris entering the ocean is mistaken by the ocean lives as food, and they meet disastrous results by consuming them. When the wastes are burnt, they release toxins in the air.

The health of lives on this earth

Most issues that we face due to environmental deterioration boil down to the significant problem of the health of the beings on this planet including those of the flora, fauna and the humans. The scarcity of water, pollution and population explosion together cause a severe threat to the health of lives on the earth. Especially talking of public health in the human society, WHO says one out of every four deaths is caused by unhealthy environments. Even in developed nations, the anti-vaccination movements are a threat to the public health that leads to a resurgence of dangerous diseases like measles that were thought to be completely obliterated. Public health is a highly concerning problem to tackle today. What we eat, breathe and drink, play a critical role in our wellness. Water pollution and air pollution are serious challenges we must address.

Population explosion

Today we see more than seven billion people living on this earth. This number can grow up to reach 9.7 billion by the year 2050 and 11.2 billion by the year 2100. Researches show that this earth can support the lives of not more than 10 billion humans. So this will mean we are just a century away from over-population that can turn into a life-threatening problem. Also, population explosion will mean a decrease in the resources available for life. The growing population leads to the release of more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on this earth. The resources available are not sustainably sourced already. Under this scenario, population growth will mean human life to confront unsolvable challenges in the future.

Forfeiture of biodiversity

Bio-diversity which means a variety of life on this earth is significantly declining. World wildlife federation has reported that over the past three decades alone the bio-diversity has come down by about 27 percent while factors like environmental pollution, climate changes, deforestation and depletion of resources taking a toll on it. Lack of bio-diversity will mean severe damage to the food chain, water sources and other resources on this earth. The different eco-systems will deteriorate beyond damage due to loss of biodiversity and in several cases, they are becoming non-existent. The cost of biodiversity loss can be unaffordable to human society.

Water pollution and scarcity

Water pollution and water scarcity are significant issues we are facing today. The essential sources of water on this earth are surface water, salt water, fresh water, and groundwater. Today we see the lack of water and the lack of drinkable water in most areas. In some places of the earth, tap water is rater not available. Cape Town of South Africa has become the first city on the planet to run out of the water. Hazardous chemicals, air-borne vectors, and toxins are contaminating the potable water. About 780 million people on the earth are not enjoying access to clean water. The human body is composed of water to the major part, and lack of clean water will mean a threat to our survival.

Climate change

About 97 percent of the scientists who are studying climate change is accepting that climate change is not a myth but a reality. Tor this deadly danger, the emission of greenhouse gases created by humans is the leading cause. The climbing of global temperatures sees the melting of ice, outbreak of wildfires, super-hurricanes, and droughts. The temperature rise is also leading to the rise in sea levels. Ocean and earth are getting warmer day by day. The greenhouse gases emitted by the human’s impact several aspects like habitats, agriculture, natural disaster, and oceans. The earth has already started seeing some worst climate extremes and the associated natural disasters that had not been recorded over the long history of the world so far.