Dickinson’s second season trades death for fame

Dickinson’s second season trades death for fame

Image: Apple

Writing is often the domain of obsessives, and Emily Dickinson — at least, the witty, chaotic version of her portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld on Apple TV Plus’ Dickinson — gives herself over to her obsessions fully. In the first season of the show, which is an irreverent, Riverdale-style take on the life of the famed young poet, her obsession was Death, played by Wiz Khalifa. (Like I said: irreverent.) In the latest season, Steinfeld’s Emily is obsessed with fame. Lovers of dramatic irony have a lot to dig into here.

The new season of Dickinson is a lot like the first: equal parts over-the-top comedy and earnest teen soap. But this time around, the show has a touch more restraint. It keeps the outrageous excess — Dickinson’s second season…

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