CyberDog is a new ominous-looking robot from Xiaomi

CyberDog is a new ominous-looking robot from Xiaomi

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled a quadrupedal robot named CyberDog: an experimental, open-source machine that the firm says “holds unforetold possibilities.”

CyberDog is the latest example of tech companies embracing the quadrupedal form factor in robotics. The most notable example of the trend is Spot, a machine built by US firm Boston Dynamics. Spot went on sale last year for $74,500 and has been put to a range of uses, from surveying dangerous mines to helping doctors connect with patients remotely. It’s also been tested by both law enforcementand the military, though not as a weapon.

It’s not clear what purpose Xiaomi envisions for CyberDog. In a press release, the company…

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