Cold emailing a CEO

Cold emailing a CEO

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Though they are super busy people, studies show most CEOs are highly accessible and easily reachable. In fact, most CEOs spend some time to read personal emails and even cold emails. In majority cases, they might not usually reply to them nonetheless. Though there are chances for the CEO of a company to read your email, it is not advisable to send one without enough forethought and without following the tips that will increase the success rates.

What to remember first

The first thing to note while sending a cold email to a company CEO is to make it super relevant. It is important to send an email that they really want to receive. Reflect on the fact if you would be interested in receiving such an email if you were in their shoes.

Also, keep the email as short as possible as most CEOs have very less time to go through them. Present all the necessary information in a nutshell in a way it can be digested quickly. Sometimes, a CEO might go through your email while attending a meeting or a conference call. Hence it is important that you convey the information precisely and shortly. 

Use these tips for your email to grab the attention of the CEO

Use a gentle language

Making a deliberately strong request or demand in the very first email is going to guarantee that you will never get a reply. Most CEOs are thorough with social dynamics. Socializing your email has a definite advantage. You may ask a connection or reference which they might give willingly. Approach them like you are a curious student. Once they get engaged with you, you can build the rapport. Also remember, if you are lucky enough to get a response from the CEO, it can help automatically boost your credibility with the other members in the organization.

Send the email on the phone

CEOs are constantly on the move. Hence there are more chances that they read the emails on phones or tablets than on desktops or laptops. Mails from unknown recipients that makes it necessary to scroll might fail to sustain their attention. Make the emails look comfortable on the smartphone. Short and simple emails are most likely to get a reply.

Never leave out addressing the EAs

Executive assistants are highly competent in many areas of management. They maintain the calendars of their boss, represent them at important meetings and also make decisions sometimes on their behalf. Hence do not attempt to bypass the EA. Get the right information from them and try to engage the CEO in the light of what they say will work. EAs can play a critical role in your campaign to meet the CEO.

Take some references from college

The most powerful connection that a CEO will appreciate may not be from the present company. Contacts from a former company or their college or colleagues can impress them. If you went to the school or college where they studied, make use of that connection. Reminiscing about their college days can be a tool to engage them purposefully.

Call them late 

You might wonder if a late call might bother an executive. Surprisingly, this need not be an issue. Most CEOs might not be disposed to pick up your all when they are too busy, tired or in a bad mood. Connect rates are very low in the morning hours. The end of the day might be the best time to call them.

Use the cadence 45-day

To get in touch with the CEOs, 5 touches in 45 days is the ideal cadence. CEOs rarely work on monthly schedules. Depending on what they are engaged in, some CEOs can even disappear altogether for about three weeks continuously. Since there are chances that the CEO can be away from his company for a length of 45 days, this 45-day cadence can work in many cases.

Request for a sneak peek of the next presentation

Look for events where the CEO is going to address. It can be a trade show, industry conference or an event sponsored by the firm. Reach out the CEO a few weeks before the event and tell them you find the topic of his upcoming presentation interesting and request for a sneak peek of their remarks saying you cannot attend it. Most CEOs will love to receive a feedback. While trying to reach out the CEO in this way, ensure that the presentation is connected to what you have got to offer. 

Make hay when the sun shines

At present, the unemployment rate is touching the lowest. The revenues are remarkably high. Hence the ability to meet the employee growth target is at present very difficult. This result can impact the company’s growth. If you strategically present your product to ease this issue, you have more chances to find a new audience. When you say the CEO that you have a product that can speed up the collaboration for marketers across the globe, you have more chances to sell.

Request for their idea

Though this is a bold strategy, this can work well in many cases if you have already created a rapport with a decision maker in levels lower than the CEO. This strategy can let you engage with and get to know the methods adopted by the company to develop RPFs and ROIs while making a pitch down the road. In this case, it is prudent to address the executive assistant and grab their attention to win a hearing.