Celebrating Christmas and Hannakuah this holiday season

Celebrating Christmas and Hannakuah this holiday season

Merging interfaith families and celebrating both holidays at once.

If you belong to an interfaith family and confront the festival season, you will wonder how to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah together. It is essential to raise the children religiously and culturally, it can become a real challenge in an interfaith family. In deciding the right way out to make the kids understand the facts and the allegiances when they attain the right age, there are some incredibly innovative ideas to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah together. Here are a few ways in which you can make Christmas and Hanukkah come alive in great colors.

 Never feel they compete witheach other

They are separate holidays, and with the right kind of planning, Christmas and Hanukkah need not compete with each other. Possibly, you can think of spending Christmas with one set of grandparents and Hanukkah with the other. In this way, the importance of each side of the family can get solidified. When given the right approach, children will not have any conflicts.

A creative way to celebrate them together

In a family where the husband and wife might belong to Jewish and Christian faiths, you can think of putting up Hanukkah bush and Menorah together. Celebrate Hanukkah and commercial Christmas. Go for eight days of presents and let Santa bring one on the Christmas day. It is essential to follow your heart and act in unison with your life partner doing what is best for your family.

Children of these days pick up things easily

Contrary to what you might imagine, it is straightforward for the children to understand the difference. They will appreciate the fact that one of their parents belongs to the other faith and hence they are celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah as a result in addition to their regular festival. They will get exposed to both the religions and later they can have the freedom to choose their path. Give them the freedom as they grow up and anyone theywant should be fine for a considerate and understanding couple.

Plan the celebrations with your spouse

Plan the festival celebrations together as a couple. First, both of you can startwith listing out independently what means to you the most when it comes tocelebrating the holiday. Add reasons why you feel it must be honored. Aftergetting ready with the list, talk with your partner and discover the balancefilling with what can be the most important for both of you. The way you handlethis situation can be a great model for your children to emulate.

The best approach for interfaith families

Acknowledge that you are a Jew or Christian and you will not have problems in celebrating the festival of the other faith. Consider the festival season as a family holiday and not a religious one. Seeing the excellent way in which you can balance the celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah, your extended families can be inspired to implement some good ideas gathered from you. Explain to your children whey these two festivals are different and why you need to celebrate them both in the household. Pick out the best elements of both and amalgamate them together to evolve a new custom and fashion.

Develop a liking for both the holidays

Anticipating holiday and preparing for the celebrations can feel so good that the entire family gets transported to good moods much before the festival. Usually, the family members turn more friendly and understanding during the festival season willing to help each other. They would be highly prepared to go that extra mile to make everyone feel great in the family. If Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, you can turn it as a bigger celebration. There will be something special for every member of the family. While it is essential to respect the way in which each of the family members wishes to celebrate the festival, it is alsopossible to keep the celebrations distinctive and fun-filled.

Great ideas to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah together


Plan the festival day menu innovatively. You can think of skipping the Yams alongside the Christmas Turkey and go for pancakes instead. Hanukkah is the time when you can eat a lot of oily foods. Star-shaped cookies are excellent choices as they can remind of the Jewish Star of David and the Christmas star that the Magi saw. You can also go for hybrid kind of doughnuts.


Pull out the elements of both the faiths for planning the decorations. Decorating the Christmas tree with blue and white lights and mini sized menorahs can be admired by all. For topping the Christmas tree, buy a Star of David. Think of using red and green candles to light the menorah. Get some blue and silver ribbons to wrap the evergreen boughs.


For stuffing the Christmas stockings, go for chocolate Hanukkah gelt. For all the family members, you can choose some ho-ho hybrid gifts to wear. Buy theearrings that have a Christmas tree and a menorah.


In place of the conventional gingerbread house, go for a holiday one by using matzoh, which is a traditional food of the Jews. Roofing the walls with a lotof frosting will make the décor come out well. Spin dreidels and give awaycandy canes as gifts. A holiday star inspired by a wreath for adorning themantel or wall can make a great addition to the entire décor theme.