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Getting over the fear of public speaking

Speaking in public, specifically in front of large crowds, is something most people dread – with good reason. It can be daunting to have anywhere from tens to hundreds of pairs of eyes tracking your every move and hanging on your every word. To deal

Highlights from the Media Relations Luncheon

On Saturday, October 20th, Mamizi hosted its first media relations luncheon. This event attracted a variety of women – from journalism students to established executives.  The beautiful women in attendance were eager to network with each other, sharing stories of both successes and missed opportunities. Panelists

Morgan Fogarty: The Importance of Diverse and Honest Voices

In preparation for the upcoming Mamizi Media Relations Luncheon, panelist Morgan Fogarty shares her views on the current state of journalism and what can be done to improve it. Throughout the majority of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, journalists have been at the forefront of the