Candice Nicole: The Power of Connection

Candice Nicole: The Power of Connection

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Candice Nicole is no stranger to the power of words. She has crafted a phenomenal career based on forming relationships and sharing stories of success. “If I work with you,” she began, pausing for emphasis, “it’s because I like what you’re building.” A common PR mistake is taking on too many projects that you have little interest in, but Candice has built her brand on supporting industries she is passionate about – which makes a huge difference in both her personal and professional lives.

In her professional biography, she describes herself as a “hustlin’ creative” who began her PR career in a popular DC-Maryland-Virginia area nightclub. She chuckled when asked about her company’s unusual beginning, but enthusiastically described how it’s spontaneous origins would be instrumental in creating a solid business foundation. What began as a decision to act as the publicist for her friend, a singer, turned into a lifetime of passionate work.

Throughout her career, she has personally worked on projects for high profile clients, including Spike Lee to promote his movie “Red Hook Summer,” and the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” Candice tells me that clients seek her services throughout many different stages of business, and no matter what, it’s her job to “peel back the layers” of what’s going on internally, so that she can have a true understanding of a client’s needs and wants. She often uses a combination of marketing, advertising, and public relations techniques to produce the best result. When asked about the best-practice of respecting traditional PR and marketing boundaries while also serving a wide range of needs (a hotly contested issue), Candice simply said, “When marketing and PR come together, you always have a strong outcome.”

Candice’s numerous accolades and recognition do not overpower her warm and inviting spirit in the least bit. To remain humble, she often reminds herself of the good she’s doing with the platform she was given. “Start with what you love and build from there,” she advises. “But always be open to new opportunities [that match] your driving force.” and our conversation quickly turned into one seemingly between two old friends. Her wisdom and willingness poured out generously, sticking true to her own advice of supporting others and building relationships. “Don’t forget, public relations is storytelling,” Candice said on a parting note. There is no doubt that the next chapter in the story of her career story will be equally as fascinating as the previous ones.