Minorities in the U.S play a significant role in the influence of pop culture although incredibly under-credited for it. Blacks, particularly have beyond doubt an impact in the way companies market to the masses and our nation’s history. Historically the Black community has been at the forefront for forwarding thinking and innovation.

Black Culture is primarily credited for the creation of R&B music and hip hop/rap today. However Black cultures impact on music dates all the way back to when Africans were brought to this country during the slave trade. African-American slaves on plantations often created their music styles which later turned into gospel, blues, and even country music. No one for sure can say where jazz originated it combines sounds of Black New Orleans and blues.

The influence doesn’t stop with music; fashion is just another category where Blacks have made our unique contributions and milestones in the fashion industry. Church style in the South is where Black fashion culture started. Every Sunday Slaves would put on their “ Sunday’s Best” for church service as a way to suppress the hardships they were facing on a daily bases. Black dressmakers created fashions for whites with embellishments and grandeur but were often never credited. Influence spanned to the 40s and 50s especially when Black fashion designer Ann Lowe designed the famous wedding dress for Jackie O, Southern style fashion at its BEST.

What does this mean for today? Blacks will continue to be trendsetters, and Black buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020 a 275 percent growth since 1990 when it was just $320 billion. Because of our impactful and influential nature marketers look up to us for ways to help their brands grow and become mainstream with often no credit to our culture.