Are Youtubers really getting paid crazy money?

Are Youtubers really getting paid crazy money?

From the outside looking in, it probably appears that your favorite youtube is living lavishly. It’s fair to assume youtube is an attractive platform for making money. You make your schedule, work from home, and you’re a micro-celebrity. But is it worth investing your time? What financial rewards are you likely to gain and more importantly, how much?

Five Main Ways YouTubers are Making their Money

1. Ad Revenue – the most popular method of making money through youtube. Google places ads on your videos and keeps 45% of YouTube advertising revenue leaving 55% for you. Youtubers can earn anywhere from 0.3 cents to 1 cent per view. Every 100 aspect is between $3 and $10 higher or lower depending. Youtube pays when your balance reaches $100. How much they make per video depends on viewers and ads on the videos. A video with 1 million views can make $10,000 or more!

2. Affiliate Link
Earning money with affiliate links involves reviewing a product or service.
A company approaches a Youtuber to review their product. The YouTuber will then talk about the product’s features, and how the viewers could best benefit from using the product/ service.
There’s also usually a link in their video description that directs viewers to a site where they can purchase the recommended product or service – and the links are set up as affiliate links. If the viewer ends up making a purchase, the YouTuber will receive a percentage of the purchase price.

3. Sponsorship
If a YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers and high engagement, the YouTuber could also get companies to sponsor them – and get paid for business promotion on their channel.

So, Is It Worth It?

So yes, you can make a lot of money on youtube, but a majority of YouTubers don’t make much. According to a recent social media study, only 3 percent of YouTubers get 90 percent of all YouTube views. And with YouTube, as we’ve learned, money is where viewership is. About 97% of all aspiring YouTubers probably won’t make it across the U.S. poverty line ($12,140). Current requirements to make money off of youtube are a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past year and both to be met within a single 12 month period. Before even making any money these have to be met.

It’s worth giving it a try; you could end up being Jeffery Star who rose to fame on youtube and now has a 50millon dollar net worth!