Are millennials Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Are millennials Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentines Day! For some, this is a fun holiday to bask in the love of a significant other or celebrate with friends and family. To others, it’s just February 14th. So how are majority millennials celebrating Valentine’s Day?

For a lot of young consumers, they instead show love and appreciation for their, four-legged friend. American Pet Products Association did a study that says Millennials now account for more than a third of all pet owners, this is more than any generation! For these pet parents, they use these holidays to splurge on their pet kids. Surprisingly a quarter of millennials under 35 plan to buy gifts for their pets. Many retailers like PetsMart have played into this affection and even created a section on their website for products like “I woof you” pillows and treats shaped like hearts.

Although the younger generation is driving the health and wellness kick and seems to be addicted to avocado toast, data shows we still have a sweet tooth. 69percent of millennials ages 18 to 24 plan to give candy for Valentine’s Day an old tradition that probably will never die. It helps if the treats are “instagramable” and brands are taking notice. Take for instance Krispy Kream, every Valentine’s Day they come out with specialty heart-shaped donuts for the perfect photo moment.

Many younger consumers have also said they won’t be celebrating in V’Day but rather use February 14th as a self-care day and treat themselves to gifts or a night out with friends. Retailer Lush made sure to mention that their Valentines Day collection can be used for some much needed “ me time.“ So if you’re going out with your bae, furry friend or yourself, we hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.