Apple’s AirTags will work with Android… sort of

Apple’s AirTags will work with Android… sort of

An AirTag. | Apple

Apple’s AirTags have one feature not mentioned during the announcement yesterday: they’ll work with Android to a limited extent. As 9to5Mac noted, there’s a support article on Apple’s site that details how AirTags will work with an Android device if you don’t have your iPhone handy.

The way AirTags function is by securely communicating with Bluetooth devices and iPhones equipped with ultra-wideband that are in the area. If AirTags exclusively worked with Apple devices it would severely limit their effectiveness, particularly in regions where iPhones aren’t as popular as Android.

Image: Apple

Any NFC-equipped phone should be able to just tap the AirTag to get more details.

AirTags won’t work out of the box with…

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