All I want from my smartwatch is to give me a break

All I want from my smartwatch is to give me a break

Apple’s rings are a good motivator, until they aren’t | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

If there’s one thing wearable makers learned during the pandemic, it’s that people are stressed out — and with good reason. It’s led to companies like Fitbit and Apple expanding stress management and mindfulness features in their most recent products and services. But while it’s encouraging to see wearables makers acknowledge that mental health is part of overall health, there’s still one major oversight: modern wearables are fundamentally centered around building and maintaining streaks.

Whether it’s hitting your daily 10,000 steps, burning a certain number of calories, or reminders to move every hour, the aim for most wearables is to help you build better health habits. To do that, consistency is key. No one’s denying that. But any…

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