Affirmations For The Modern Woman Entrepreneur

Affirmations For The Modern Woman Entrepreneur

The business climate is beginning to be more inclusive to women in entrepreneurship. Today, a large group of women entrepreneurs are leading some of the best businesses in the world. The Center For Urban Future has revealed that companies led by women in the U.S. are increasing employment rates more than male business owners. Despite the success these women demonstrate, most women are still subjected to gender bias and stereotypes. These affirmations are encouraging, and should never be forgotten.

You Are A Genius

Nature has gifted you with a focused vision and a strong intuition. The business genius you possess can guide you through successfully in making the right decisions to grow your career. When you begin to underestimate yourself, problems arise. Trust your innate abilities to stay aligned with your true self, who you wish to become in order to progress throughout your life. Listen to yourself to reveal the best path for you.

It’s Okay To Fail

No one on Earth can enjoy a smooth journey without any roadblocks. However, those who are successful have learned to get up every time they fall. Hard work and persistence are the keys to winning as an entrepreneur. Especially when creating a business, it is important to never lose hope. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Persistence is what is going to create the strong, successful business you invision. When you combine your persistent efforts with vision, commitment, and focus you are bound to win.

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

You deserve time to yourself, even though it may be difficult to find as an entrepreneur. Often times, you’ll have to spend extra hours working to finalize business projects. But, if you constantly pour into the business without refilling yourself, both areas will suffer. Do not consider self-care as time that could be spend working; instead, see it as a necessary part to keep your maintain your business’s success. You should work to align your personal and professional lives to fulfill the vision of how you want to live.

You Can Break Barriers

There are a number of stereotypes that exist to hold you back. Every morning that you wake up and take charge, you are breaking down barriers. For many centuries, women have been silenced and prevented from following their dreams. You and your business are success stories waiting to be told. Houldering enormous amount of responsibilities now will not only benefit you, but also young girls who are entrepreneurs in-the-making.  

You Have Unique Strengths

Everyone has an extraordinary set of talents and abilities that make then unique—including you. When you discover what you are good at and nurture those strengths, it is easier for you to grow in many different ways. Trust and confidence are needed to create opportunities to bring out your individuality. When you stay aligned with your capabilities, your success will be phenomenal.

Your Presence Is Commanding

This is not an overnight process, but developing a commanding presence is essential. Visualize your image, presence, and confidence; you are powerful and capable. While some people spend less energy on influencing and engaging others, you are skilled in voicing your opinions and getting results. Be true to yourself and enjoy the power you exude.

You Are Your Own Woman

Over the course of your life, there will be lots of pressure to behave a certain way. This may come parents, teachers, and the media. While their input  be well-intentioned, do not get wrapped up in other’s views of how you should live. You are your own beautiful, independent woman. Never allow the fear of not meeting others’ expectations to limit your growth. When you live an authentic life, you are bound to live a happy life.