A brief chat with iamBrandonTV

A brief chat with iamBrandonTV

There are as many ways to make it on Twitch as there are streamers. Even so, there is a culturally recognized type. And you can picture him — yes, him — now, can’t you? A young white guy in a gaming chair, playing something like a shooter or possibly an MMO, averaging hundreds or thousands of viewers with the subs and bits to match. This isn’t meant to be prescriptive, obviously: your fav is probably not this made-up guy. But I think it’s important to talk about who we typically think about when we talk about streamers because so many streamers don’t fit the stereotype — and we should recognize them, too.

Brandon Stennis is one of those people. He goes by iamBrandon on Twitch, and he’s an energetic, unapologetic queer Black advocate for…

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