Meal Prepping 101

Meal Prepping 101

Meal Prepping seems to be the hottest trend right now, and if you are too lazy to cook like me or tired of spending all your money on food, this is for you.

So what exactly is meal prepping?

It is just preparing a meal or recipe then sorting it out for a grab and go lunch for the week. It’s like pack your lunch for Monday-Friday all at once. You can use meal prepping for breakfast lunch, dinner or snack.


Why should you meal prep?

Meal prepping is so convenient, It reduces waste and allows you to save a few extra bucks you would have spent on Chick-fil-a, like having a home cooked meal, at work.


Is meal prepping for you?

If you value efficiency more than variety meal prepping is for you, however, if you hate eating leftovers and get bored with food easily, I don’t recommend it.


What can you meal prep?

 The question that everybody wants to know, the possibility varies from person to person. Foods that are usually good for meal prepping are cooked grains, pasta, cooked beans, cooked meat, roasted vegetables, hearty fresh vegetables (think celery, carrots, peas, bell peppers, kale, cabbage, radishes, etc.), whole fruit (apples, oranges, stone fruit), nuts, and cheese. Sauces and dips, (like salad dressings, hummus, salsa, sour cream, etc.) a primary key is that it is refrigerator stable. Food that doesn’t work too well as softer fruits and vegetables like lettuce or berries.


Do you think meal prepping is something you could get into? And if you already meal prep what is your go-to meal?