What Could Happen to Trump Now That Democrats Have Majority

What Could Happen to Trump Now That Democrats Have Majority

Amidst the recent government shut down(s) the wall and all other political mumbo jumbos, the lingering question is, can Trump be impeached now the Democrats have won the house?

It is now possible for the process to commence, but there are caveats. We can expect more calls to launch investigations on Trump and his scandals with the Democrats control of the house all possible because now they are the majority party which includes, more money, more staff, and control over the chamber’s committees.

However, filing for impeachment takes time and political persuasion. Firstly the US House will need a majority vote to impeach Trump; then even if that happens with a democratic majority, the Senate will also need a two-thirds majority to effectively impeach him by the way the Republicans have strengthened their control of the Senate, so this won’t be a smooth ride.

Just last year six democrats brought articles of Trump’s impeachment to the house floor, and they all failed in getting the majority vote, but it could also be that democratic leaders don’t believe it’s the right time or impeachment is not their main priority. Some Democrats have held back from using impeachment on the campaign trail as it could be a turn off to voters when Republicans were relentless in impeaching Clinton it came back to their demise on election day. Democrats should up in large numbers at the polls and gained themselves five seats in the US House. Splattering “impeach” all over the campaign trail could steer Americans in voting Republican.

Democrats are also waiting to use the impeachment card until they see what else might come out, especially out of Robert Muller’s ongoing investigation into election interference and possible collusion with Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign.

Besides impeachment a lot can happen, it’s likely that there will be a lot more investigations and subpoenas into the Trump administration and his campaign. Trump’s cabinet members can be subpoenaed for their investigation into corruption, Trump’s tax returns could also be obtained to see if he had any business with Russia that could have led to campaign interference.

In the longer run, we the American people are just going to have to sit back and see how this all plays out in the upcoming months before the 2020 election.