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Everyday projects for the dreamers with everyday ideas.


Get help with anything. Create beautiful post that allow you to deliver projects to people in any industry.


A direct connection with the people that matter. Mamizi helps you connect with people that will help you succeed.


An all-around, well built, clean & modern iOS mobile application for all of your business or personal needs.


A simple but wonderful way to display you current works. Attractive to only to the best creatives.


The best part about Mamizi, is that spans all life projects. From baby-sitters to high-end interior designers to ruby developers.


Mamizi is the mobile evolution of classifieds, which connect users projects with people who can help.

What exactly is MAMIZI (ma-mee-zee)?

Mamizi is what the users make of it. When people have a vision for what they want, Mamizi can help them accomplish it. A friend of mine is getting married and needs a photographer. Mamizi can help with those lasting memories. Another friend is building a deck, but he isn’t handy. Mamizi gets him closer to dinner time with his kids outside. Or better yet, even if you build websites and often need a specific look for your client's site...Mamizi helps you succeed.

Minimalistic design combined with functionality that delivers

An easy gesture based mobile application that helps you succeed.

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Why not get your projects presented the proper way

Mamizi has all to offer and more.

The app lets users post projects and connects them with people who can help. We looked at the small projects market and said “how can we help with finding painters, babysitters, tailors, developers, tax help, legal advice, and so forth?” Some projects need to be local whereas others don’t. Being mobile means we can leverage twitter, the camera, email, texting, and other ways to link these user groups. We’ve built an easy to use interface and welcome users to be innovative with the Mamizi platform.